“One vineyard, one wine”

Old vines, centennial vines, hillside vines, lowland vines, more clayey or stony, all give birth to different wines.

It has been our mission to interpret all the differences that exist in the vineyards and transpose them into the different wines. Our big bet is on the old Baga vineyards, in the case of reds, and Bical vineyards in the case of whites, although in some vineyards there are mixtures with other local grape varieties.

Winemaking minimalist in terms of intervention but quite differentiated and adapted to each of the different vineyards, that is, the different parcels also have a different approach in the winery in order to better reveal what we believe to be its purest expression.

We want tense, fresh and complex wines, with a strong connection to the “terroir” and a unique personality that, fundamentally, award us with pleasure for many years.


The Vineyards

V Puro vineyards are located in the Cadoiços valley, near Mealhada. The climate is purely Atlantic, the vineyards are just 30 km distance from the sea, without any natural barriers. The soils are clay-limestone, with some clayey and deeper plots and others more calcareous and exposed. The vines are mostly centennial and here the old Baga or “Poeirinho” grape dominates. Viticulture is all manual since these old vines are impossible to mechanize.


In white wines we use old barrels for Bical and Sercial and stainless steel for Arinto, without adding yeast and with very slow fermentations. They are usually bottled after 12 months of aging on fine lees and then aged in the bottle. In Baga reds we use a variable percentage of whole bunches with stems. Some reds are fermented in “lagares” with foot treading and others in oak vats, with little forced extraction. They age in barrels and vats, usually for 12 to 24 months before being bottled.



Aliás Rosé 2017


Aliás Red 2017


Aliás White 2017


Doravante White 2018


Doravante Red 2016

Bottle Outrora

Outrora 2016