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Who we are

Nuno Mira do Ó is simply a producer passionate about authentic wines that are able to translate the “terroir” where they come from, made with indigenous grape varieties, with minimal intervention and respect for nature, with the potential to age and especially that provide pleasure to those who drink them …

An agronomist and winemaker, he started making wines in 2001 and walking through vineyards from north to south in search of understanding the soils, climates, grape varieties and cultural practices. In 2009 he started the first personal project in Bairrada with his friend and also winemaker João Soares, the V Puro project. In 2012 he started the Dão adventure, with his friend and colleague João Corrêa, that would become better known as Druida wines, the brand of the emblematic Encruzado wine that was launched with this name, born in the fantastic vineyards of Nuno Bico Matos. Under the brand of Mira do Ó wines, the wine family in Dão grew and in 2016 it extended to Bucelas, the region where Nuno had started making wines and where he always wanted to return. In 2018 another challenge arises, this time alongside his friend and wine producer Joana Santiago, SOU Quinta de Santigo & Mira do Ó was the opportunity to explore the “terroir” of Monção and Melgaço and to interpret it in a different way.

The three projects, V Puro, Mira do Ó Wines and SOU Quinta de Santiago & Mira do Ó arise from the same philosophy and willingness to explore new paths, as well as to recover some already forgotten in the interpretation of those which are the regions and grapes we consider to be special. But they arise fundamentally from the fantastic sharing that it is to make wines among friends…

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More focused on the historic Dão region, although also present in the paradoxical Bucelas region, this project nourishes on the quest for the balance between wine and nature and on the constant search for freshness, elegance and longevity that these vineyards have to offer.


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This partnership blossoms out of a mutual dare and of the willingness to interpret the Alvarinho grape and the Monção&Melgaço “terroir” in a different way, more crude, tense and rebellious just like the rock that the two interpreters love.

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This project was born from the desire to create distinct wines based on the rich heritage of the old Bairrada vineyards, strongly based on the exciting Baga grape variety and that give origin to unique wines with great personality and longevity.

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