Caminhante 2019

The “Caminhante”(walker) symbolizes the various paths that we can follow in the vineyards and in the cellar in search of our wines. It stands for the more experimental side of wine production and the discovery of different things. It reminds us that walking the path is as or more important than the destination. In 2019 we followed a path that led us to recover something that has always been done in the Dão region: the blend of white and red grapes.


It was a year with a warm winter but with a cool spring and summer end, allowing slow rippening and excellent levels of natural acidity and aromatic elegance. These grapes were harvested manually in the middle of September and the white grapes fermented together with the reds, thus giving birth to a wine of great harmony and freshness.

Alcohol: 12%
pH: 3,59
Total acidity: 5,9 g/l