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“Raw, rebellious and tense, like a good rock tune”

This partnership was born out of a provocation between Nuno Mira do Ó and Joana Santiago that ended up challenging each other to put into practice a different interpretation of the Alvarinho variety in the Monção & Melgaço “terroir”.

To capture the more mineral and less fruity side of the variety, to capture the essence of the soil, the river and the climate. Making an Alvarinho to release later, with good aging potential, tense but elegant, intense but melodic … that was the challenge.

The choice fell on a parcel of Quinta de Santiago that allowed the grapes to be harvested early and with the desired ripening balance. In the winery, the approach was purely minimalist and thus SOU Alvarinho was born, in rock tones…

There are more tunes on the way, but we will have to wait…

The Vineyards

The vineyard is located in Quinta de Santiago, in Monção, in the valley of the river Minho on alluvial terraces with granite bedrock, but with a fair amount of clay. This micro climate is characterized by being a temperate Atlantic type climate with continental influence, with cold and rainy winters and a hot and dry summer, with thermal amplitudes that are felt, through the air masses that move through the river valley. Despite being only 10 years old, the Tentilhão plot that gives rise to SOU Alvarinho has a great vegetation poise and a well-balanced ripening with an amazing capacity to retain natural acidity.


After the most important stage, and after the grapes were harvested on the right day to reach the desired profile for the SOU, in the cellar everything is very simple and minimalist, with natural and long fermentations and partial stages in used barrels. The rest of the work we leave to time…



SOU Alvarinho
Monção&Melgaço 2020


SOU Alvarelhão
Monção&Melgaço 2020


SOU Tinto "Vinha de Ramada" 2020


SOU Alvarinho 2019

This is a joint venture between the producer Quinta de Santiago and the winemaker and producer Nuno Mira do Ó. It is born of true friendship and it is inspired by “Rock n´Roll”, a common passion beyond the vineyards and wines! With a minimalist intervention, “SOU” is a rebellious and authentic wine, a raw and pure expression of the Monção and Melgaço “terroir”.


The year had a hot and dry winter and spring, but a fresh summer that allowed an amazing preservation of freshness and natural acidity in the grapes. These Alvarinho grapes were harvested on September 2.

Álcool: 12,5%
pH: 3,00
Acidez total: 9,3 g/9

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